World Shine Foundation School

In 2005 World Shine Ministries got a dream to start and fully operate a school in Uganda which is currently a reality. Its called the World Shine Foundation Primary and Nursery School in Rwentobo-western Uganda. The school has a kindergarten/Nursery school with all the levels from baby class to top class, the primary section has classes from primary one to primary seven.
World Shine Ministries believes education is the key to transforming a child’s life preparing them for a better future. We also provide an environment in which the students come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, students begin from baby class learning stories of the bible, memorizing scripture and learning the tenets of the Christian faith. By the time they graduate from P.7, the students have a solid foundation on which they can make godly decisions. Throughout their time with us, the students are given many opportunities to respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit through personal counseling, missions at the school. Its our desire to continue raising students through secondary school in the near future before we lose them to secular schools. From the time we started  the school to date, over 1800 students have been impacted with the gospel. 
To create a Christian school equipping students with knowledge and skills to serve and shine for Christ in leading and influencing the nation. 
Knowledge and Skills for service to Shine for Christ for the Healing of the Nations.

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Make a difference 

Child Sponsorship 

For $35/£20 a month, you can sponsor a child through World Shine Ministries. Your sponsorship educates , nourishes and changes the hearts of orphaned and vulnerable children. We need sponsors to send children to school each year. Since 2000 WSM has sponsored students to attend colleges and Universities through our leadership development program.


Other ways to support our Children’s Ministry

Support our feeding program in the Rwentobo community. Over 500 orphaned and vulnerable children rely on us for food, this can be overwhelming at times but God always provides. 

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Support our sweet dreams project. A project where we provide a mattress , beddings and a mosquito net to the children.

Support our dormitry project

Support our dormitory project. We bought land and are to build a dormitory that can accommodate 300 children. This will help with accommodation for children who walk for 12 miles to and from school. The cost for this project is $200,000. 


Support our happy feet project. A project that provides shoes for the children, some of our children walk 12miles to and from the school without shoes. A pair of shoes goes for $15 

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Support our send a goat project. A project where we give goats to sponsored children in order to alleviate poverty in their homes. When the goat produces, the child gives the first goat produced back to the project which is then given to another child. 

Goat project