Our prayer is for God to give us the nations. 

We are believing on God to reach 50 cities across the globe with the gospel by 2062

More than 1000 missions have been accomplished as World Shine Ministries has had its wings spread across the globe since it started, in each of these missions people have been touched by God, healed, delivered and transformed, with thousands of people who have been Reached, Raised, and Released into the arduous task of constructing and advancing the kingdom of God, just like the swallow bird, we have taken the Gospel across the seas, the networks that we have generated have also visited our projects in away of doing various ministries with us in Uganda, on the other hand we have traversed the country of Uganda, Reaching, Raising and Releasing holistically qualified people from  all walks of life. 

Missions-Misty Higgins

Future Dream 

Great Western Mission Centre 

World Shine Ministries has a dream of establishing a Mission Centre in Rwentobo-western Uganda called the Great Western Mission Centre. The mission centre will have a Convention Centre that sits thousands, a Counseling and Prayer centre, an Inter-denominational Bible college, Recreation Centre, The 7 Mountain University, a Women and Children’s Hospital. All of this will be designed to minister to people spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially as we continue the goal of Reaching, Raising and Releasing people into the 7 mountains of influence. 
Training centre:- 
The mission centre will also have a skills training centre with computers, kitchen and catering equipment, sewing machines, carpentry and construction tools, modern farming equipment and so much more. This will help so many youth create their own businesses since the job market today is so competitive.
We have identified 5 major goals that we would love to see occur once the Mission Centre is in place.
Increase students marketability.
With an increasing number of college graduates each year and the job market remaining the same making it  difficult for them to obtain jobs, through the training center, hands on training as well as business skills management will be offered to those who desire to start their own business.
Raise up job creators
We desire to start an in-depth entrepreneurship course for a few students who exhibit the dedication, skills and. knowledge to start up their own businesses. Students that will go through this course will become job creators with intent of adding to the economic development of their country.
Spiritual nourishment and growth 
The mission center will have a convention center that will provide spiritual nourishment for people  of all kinds of Christian denominations. There will be a one week convention every year called the Great Western Convention.
Theological training
The mission center have the Great Western Bible College that will provide training for church leaders and other people who are interested in theological skills.
Medical center 
The Mission Center will also have a hospital, the Great Western Hospital that will serve a community of more than 200,000 people who are in desperate need of medical care. The hospital will also have an outreach program to educate the community on proper hygiene to prevent diseases, provide nutrition and other health related issues.